About me

Hi there,
My name is Zoey Nguyen. I am a nails/lashes tech based in Florida. I have been in this industry for about 10 years now, and I recently started running a small and cozy salon in Palm Beach called Madison Valgari. You probably know me from all the videos where I share tips and tricks with acrylic applications from my TikTok. I understand the struggle of going to nail school and not learning anything besides the anatomy of nails and nail-related diseases. That's the reasons why I started the channel. All the tips that I've shared are results from many trial and error I have gone through myself.

I also started offering nails courses both in-person and remotely. I will continue posting more info on my TikTok channel.

I hope I can alleviate any frustrations and discouragements you might have in this journey.

Be well and be humble!

Good luck,

Follow me on IG: @zoeynails101 where I post nails inspo daily.

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